IT4Kids: Donate your depreciated IT equipment and help children play sports!

Despite the fact that the Netherlands is a prosperous country, there are currently about 1.2 million people who live below the poverty line. This means that 423,000 kids in the Netherlands miss out on activities such as sports and games. IT4Kids is committed to making a difference for these children. We offer companies and organisations, but also individuals, the opportunity to donate the residual value of their depreciated IT hardware to a charity dedicated to children and/or sports.

Our philosophy

We believe that sports and play have a significant impact on the physical, cognitive and social-emotional development of children. Respect, teamwork, discipline, control, resilience, making friends, confidence, and fun are fundamental concepts that are developed by sports activities. All donations received by IT4Kids are rewarded to organisations or projects that contribute to the development of kids, mainly through sports activities. In recent years IT4Kids has worked with the Krajicek foundation, Schooljudo, Jeugdsportfonds, Het Vergeten Kind, the Linda Foundation, Elk Kind een Bal, War Child and CliniCLowns.

What does IT4Kids do?

The IT4Kids Foundation is committed to give companies and organizations the opportunity to donate the returns of replaced IT hardware to charity.

The foundation has close partnerships with various organizations, funds and charities. In her choice for charities she has a strong focus on sports. In this case, sport is seen as a means whereby direct or indirect contribution is made to the development of all children.

Children and their development are central to our foundation. IT4Kids can collaborate to existing projects / charities for children due to received donations, or by setting up its own projects, try to increase the development of children. In this way the foundation is strongly committed to children who do not get these opportunities. With these projects the foundation hopes to guarantee the safety, health and education of this target group.

Why donate to IT4Kids?

Together we can ensure that children in the Netherlands have the same opportunities that we had ourselves growing up. We can give them the opportunity to grow and develop as a jump start to their future. IT4Kids is qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI in Dutch). This means that IT4Kids is recognised by the government as an official charity, enabling natural and legal persons making donations to deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.