Flex IT Rent

Flex IT Rent: The largest IT rental website in Europe

Are you looking to rent IT equipment or gadgets, for example for an exam, event, or training? Or do you need a temporary server or workplace? At Flex IT Rent you can rent the equipment you need quickly and flexibly! Did you know that that is also very environmentally friendly? Flex IT Rent can ensure that products are used for as long as possible and are then disposed of responsibly. By renting equipment, you also help reduce the demand for new IT equipment , thus saving a lot of valuable raw materials.

Why choose Flex IT Rent

  • The largest IT rental website in Europe
  • Always the lowest price
  • For short and long term
  • Next-Day Delivery: Throughout Europe
  • Always delivered on the day before and collected a day after your event

Any device, anytime, anywhere

We deliver the equipment, ready-to-use, within 24 hours, where and whenever you want! Even to any country in Europe. Unexpected (technical) problems? Our experts immediately provide a solution, replacement product, or send on-site support as quickly as possible. And if you are so pleased with the equipment that you want to keep it, you can also buy it from us at a competitive price.