Flex IT Demo

Flex IT Demo: Loan and demo partner to all major IT vendors for over 20 years

Selling IT is demanding and selling IT to corporate & public sector customers is very demanding. Customers are insisting on having an evaluation opportunity- having your product on their site- before they will even consider ordering.

A product evaluation service requires storage, engineering, transport infrastructure and top quality customer service. But to be effective it also needs to align completely to the brand's "Go To Market" strategy. We deliver a best in class and completely customizable service.

With 20 years of experience, Flex IT Demo is the leading loan and demo partner to all major IT vendors. Flex IT Demo provides customers of, for example, HP, Dell and Samsung with the opportunity to try and evaluate the latest IT before their purchase. In doing so, Flex IT Demo prevents unnecessary returns and new production.

Why choose Flex IT Demo

  • We have a professional team that can serve your potential customers on behalf of your brand
  • Our investment in the demo software and the demo process make us unique and highly efficient
  • Experience in more than 15 European countries, for over more than 20 years
  • We already work for leading brands such as HP, Microsoft and Promethan

Our AD evaluation team

Our AD evaluation team consists of competent professionals who are ready to provide your potential and new customers with your products in a professional way. All our Loan Managers, Engineers, Drivers, Materials handlers and Directors are focused on providing the best possible evaluation for your customer. we have one goal: to help you satisfy customers and do sales.