Infotheek Group: Specialists in circular IT products & services

Established in 1991 and now the leading circular IT specialist in Europe. The Infotheek Group brands have been providing sustainable hardware solutions for organisations in the commercial and public sector for over 25 years. Together with, Scholten Awater, Xeptor, Flex IT Rent, and Added Dimension, Infotheek Group forms the umbrella for several strong IT labels at different levels in the supply chain. With over 800 colleagues across Europe, we generate a turnover of over 750 million euro, making us a leading name in European IT. We would also like to introduce IT4Kids - our foundation that collects donated hardware to raise money for charities dedicated to children!

Our brands

Infotheek Group

Over the past 25 years, Infotheek Group has grown to become the leading circular IT specialist in Europe. Our brands offer refurbished hardware, IT-rental and IT buyback, so that you too can contribute to a more sustainable society. Infotheek Group's mission is to increase and accelerate the popularity of circular IT. The more IT products’ lifecycle is prolonged, the more we can limit damage to the environment. Circular IT also stimulates local employment and innovation. And finally, circular IT is a sensible financial choice!

Central Point

Find your perfect business solution at the largest IT provider in the Benelux! Everything you need for your IT environment, easily ordered and delivered quickly. offers a vast range of new and refurbished devices at competitive prices!


Xeptor IT Distribution has been a specialised distributor for IT resellers in Europe for over 15 years. With a sustainable product portfolio, Xeptor helps resellers offer alternatives to the latest equipment, so that they can differentiate themselves in their supply to end-users. As the alternatives are circular, they are also better for the environment and the wallet!


IT4Kids Foundation supports charities that are committed to children and sports. The foundation enables companies and organisations to donate old hardware. On behalf of these sponsors, IT4Kids donates the residual value of their hardware to organisations or projects that contribute to kids’ development, mainly through sports activities.

Flex IT Rent

Are you looking to rent IT equipment or gadgets, for example for an exam, event, or training? Or do you need a temporary server or workplace? At Flex IT Rent you can rent the equipment you need quickly and flexibly, and you’re helping the environment! Do you need the equipment in another country in Europe? We can also help you with that!

Added Dimension

With 20 years of experience, Added Dimension is the leading loan and demo partner to all major IT vendors. Added Dimension provides customers of, for example, HP, Dell and Samsung the opportunity to try and evaluate the latest IT before their purchase. In doing so, Added Dimension prevents unnecessary returns and new production.